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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nas-T @ Mohd Muammar Zar

Profile Nas-T

Name :  Nas-T 
Character : Kid
Age :25
Starsign : Libra
State (origin) : Kuala Lumpur
Do you have any URL / Facebook / online links? : Nas Muammar Zar (facebook)/
Occupation :D J/Actor
Any natural talent? :
Pets? (name & species): a wild cat named Enzo
Fav. TV series :Entourage,nip/tuck
Fav. Local actor / actress : P.Ramlee,Salleh Yaacob,Jamal Abdillah 
Fav. Music genre :Rock,Electro,House,Hip-hop
Fav. Singer / musician /band :Jamal Abdillah,Incubus,Bloc Party
Fav. Quote :Never say no before u even try it
Fav. / most frequented  Website : Facebook,Myspace,,MSN,Google,E-bay,Youtube
Previous acting gigs (TV / Movie) :
 Films: Kami the movie,Goodbye Boys,Pisau Cukur
 Dramas:Kami the series,Juanna,Sari Maya,Rempit vs  impak maksima,Katrina Kamelia
Short Films : O.D, My Indie Rock Darling, Stuck
Tvc: KFC, HOTLINK, CELCOM, Malaysia Cergas
Awards :

2006 -Aim Best New Local English Artiste (Dragon Red)
2007- First Runner Up Title Pioneer CDJ battle

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